Superfruit Papaya

Nov 06 , 2019

Superfruit Papaya

Superfruit Papaya


The papaya was already called "fruit of the angels" by Christopher Columbus at their "discovery". Many even call the papaya itself "superfruit" because of its various healthy properties and there are even diets based on the fruit. But what effect does the fruit really have and what do the seeds have to do with it?

Originally the papaya comes from Central America, but today it is mainly cultivated in India. The tree belongs to the melon tree family and although most people assume that a papaya is a fruit, it is a berry. The fruit is up to 45cm long and can weigh up to 6kg.
But enough of the facts, how does papaya have an effect?

Papaya active ingredient Papain

The main active ingredient is Papain and occurs in high concentration in the superfruit Papaya.
Papain is an enzyme that occurs exclusively in papayas and splits proteins.
Enzymes are generally indispensable for your body, since they are involved in many functions, such as breathing and digestion.
Applied to the skin, the enzyme dissolves dead skin cells and supports your skin during regeneration. In addition it helps to clean your skin by its effect. Papain is also said to have a healing effect on the body. In the body Papain promotes above all the digestion by supporting your body with the protein splitting, besides, it is supposed to have an anti-inflammatory effect, protect the vessel inner walls of your blood vessels and even protect against thrombosis. For this we have extra Papain extract in the form of capsules, which should facilitate the daily intake.

Papayas cover a wide range of nutrients. They contain vitamin A and vitamin C, and 200 grams of papaya already cover the daily requirement of vitamin C. They also contain vitamin B3 and vitamin B5 as well as folic acid.
The tree itself also contains important nutrients. The already mentioned papain is already contained here and can be extracted directly from the tree. The tree is tapped to obtain a milk-like liquid. This is dried later and used in different applications. In the food industry, for example, it serves as a tenderizer for meat and is even used for brewing beer.

How to take papaya kernels?

Papaya kernels are edible, so they can be taken easily with a spoon. Simply chew 15 seeds a day and the seeds can unfold their effect in the body. They support your immune system by having an anti-inflammatory and stimulating effect. In addition, papaya seeds help against parasites and fungi in the intestines and even support your liver in its regeneration with growth hormones.
More popular, however, is the use of dried papaya kernels as pepper for food and fresh salads because of their slightly spicy taste. You can simply remove the papaya kernels from a papaya, remove the pulp in a sieve under running water and then remove the seeds from their sheath on a dry paper. The papaya seeds can then be left to rest in a dry and warm place. This is also possible in the oven, but you should always make sure to dry the seeds at the lowest possible temperature, as some important nutrients will already be lost at 40° Celsius.
Pregnant women should, however, enjoy these with caution, as the underdeveloped digestive tract of children could be sensitive to the antiparasitic effect.
In addition, ready-made papaya powder and even oil from the papaya kernels can be purchased.

Papaya seed oil as a miracle cure

We also use the oil from the papaya seeds in the unique formulation of our lipsticks.
The versatile active ingredient complex of the oil speaks for itself and supports your lips in regeneration through the contained Papain. The enzyme helps to remove the dead skin and brings out a new, smooth layer of your lips.
The high concentration of Omega-9 fatty acids additionally supports your lips and the oil quickly penetrates into the deeper skin layer. The contained vitamins A and C can unfold their full effect and care for dry and brittle lips in the best possible way.

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